Gem Wx Expander

Posted by: kierc.0857

Gem Wx Expander - 04/11/15 09:01 AM

Hi guys,firstly i know this machine is really old, but i got one for 50 as a backup. Would there be anyone on here that could help me set it up?, its all over the top. just want the accompaniment with my midi guitar, that's all. I can sort out the sound myself, just the initial set up is the issue. Thank you.
Posted by: kierc.0857

Re: Gem Wx Expander - 04/14/15 10:11 AM

Any help please?
Posted by: mosrite1

Re: Gem Wx Expander - 04/15/15 01:46 PM

Hi, what's the issue? have you tried the is a link to one

it's the WX2, but it should help..all relatively the same...
I also play midi guitar, so if you can be more specific, I might be able to help, if you haven't figured it out yet.
Posted by: kierc.0857

Re: Gem Wx Expander - 04/16/15 10:02 AM

Thanks Mosrite1, yes its a new machine for me. I have a midi guitar also, but i need to set up the accompaniment, as at the moment it dosent recognize my minor chords!
Posted by: mosrite1

Re: Gem Wx Expander - 04/22/15 06:58 AM

Hmm, it should recognize, I don't think there is a setting that would change the ability to recognize a minor chord. It might depend on your playing style..are you using bar chords? have you tried playing a single strum major chord, ..see that it recognizes it, then transition to a minor in the same key do one strum and see if it recognizes the change. The WX is an early model and might just not have as good chord recognition..there may be a setting which only recognizes the root for accompaniment, so it would only play the major note accomp and not any minors, or maj7 etc..
hope this helps..I havent' used my WX for a long time..I moved up to the Genesys XP, a Roland BK7m and Ketron Audya
Posted by: kierc.0857

Re: Gem Wx Expander - 07/27/17 11:49 AM

Would you sell your old WX mosrite?