GEM Factory Abandoned

Posted by: Duane O

GEM Factory Abandoned - 10/22/13 11:38 AM

GEM Parts are sitting at the abandoned factory in Italy. In this video (it's in Italian) there appears to still be millions of dollars of keyboards, assemblies, circuit boards, schematics ... brand new parts still wrapped up in boxes just rotting away in the building, which apparently is being pilfered. It's sad to watch this video. Someone could buy the parts for pennies on the dollar and sell on Ebay

Posted by: Nigel

Re: GEM Factory Abandoned - 10/26/13 01:18 AM

Thanks for posting this. A very sad end to what was a great company.
Posted by: diegodure

Re: GEM Factory Abandoned - 11/17/13 08:53 AM

As a new user sorry GEM passing something. The quality of the instrument is fantastic. It would be good to get the parts as spares for users who need it.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: GEM Factory Abandoned - 11/17/13 11:01 AM

Now I begin to understand why Musicstore Cologne ( is still listing the GEM RP-X (on request currently, even used to be on stock until some months ago). They seem to have someone sneaking into the abandoned factory and assembling them ;-)
Posted by: Bachus

Re: GEM Factory Abandoned - 01/01/14 09:55 AM

The wx2 was probably the best they ever build..

And their virtual pianos with drake technollogy where the best ...

Most of the expertise joined ketron, the ketron audio styles where actually a GEM development that got transfered when the engineers left GEM to join Ketron...

The next ketron instruments could have high end sounds based on the drake engine, who knows?

Its a sad thing to see a company in such a state.... They never went broke, they just closed their doors.. If they would have gone bankrupt, all that stuff would have been vendored...
Posted by: Duane O

Re: GEM Factory Abandoned - 01/05/14 07:08 AM

Competing in a world market is a tough proposition. GEM US website is still up. The GEM site in Italy doesn't respond. Their registration expires on Feb 15, 2014

Posted by: Anonymous

Re: GEM Factory Abandoned - 01/07/14 06:06 AM

You can still buy the GEM RP-X piano module at Musicstore Cologne. Curious where they get them...
Posted by: danielbordeiu

Re: GEM Factory Abandoned - 02/24/14 01:39 PM

not anymore... frown