Any Active GEM users left in 2010?

Posted by: sglynn

Any Active GEM users left in 2010? - 12/20/10 02:56 PM

Are there any active GEM Keyboard users left willing to discuss user issues? Most posts here are 10 years old. Have you all moved on to other keyboards? I'm a new SK880 user playing it live weekly at church and won't be upgrading any time soon. I have questions about adding better sounds, memory, and tips on live use.
Posted by: vangelis

Re: Any Active GEM users left in 2010? - 02/11/11 01:03 PM

Over here! I still play my GEM WK8
Posted by: Bachus

Re: Any Active GEM users left in 2010? - 02/25/12 03:22 AM

The problem is that GEM had stopped creating instruments for quite some time now...

Which is sad as their WX2 line and all later arrangers where top of the line competing with the other major brands. Their real pianos where better then everything else.

Sadly their service record overhere in Holland was way below zero. Still its sad that they did not survive.
Posted by: TedS

Re: Any Active GEM users left in 2010? - 02/26/12 11:33 AM

The last top-line board GEM released in the US was the Genesys. The GK-series were kind of low end. What were their previous TOTL and MOTL arrangers?

How do the WK's, SK's, etc. fit into the pecking order? Is a chronology of their product releases posted somewhere?

I've thought about giving them a try, but if there's a problem I am concerned about where I would get service.
Posted by: Sean P

Re: Any Active GEM users left in 2010? - 02/28/12 07:40 PM

You can find a lot of information about GEM products on either the Italian GEM website:

or the US distributor website:

I am still playing my Genesys XP module and GEM PRP800 piano. I bought them years after GEM Company had closed. In addition, I was able to buy accessories from the US distributor even after that. The US distributor (Artie) was quite responsive to my requests. I think that you could contact him if you have any question about services, parts, or accessories.