New Equinox Problems

Posted by: D Phillips

New Equinox Problems - 11/20/99 06:12 PM

Got a new Equinox76 fresh off the vine, and found significant buffer overvflow problems with user-loaded performances. Plays for awhile and then starts cutting out. Got a second one from dealer which does same thing. Looks like a design problem. Anybody else out there dissapointed in this board????
Posted by: freddynl

Re: New Equinox Problems - 11/29/99 11:09 PM

I don't have an equinox, but did you cheque the os version????
There's an update on GEM site from may 99.
Very often these keybords/synths come with
first os.
Posted by: D Phillips

Re: New Equinox Problems - 11/30/99 07:41 PM

Yep I did load new OS. Got in touch (finally) with a human at the company - they
knew about the problems and said they are working the solution (software). Said simple work around is not to use any user settings, or some of the factory performances - just use straight MIDI sounds until the fix comes.
Hope it's soon i its a real bummer to spend that kind of money on a board that the maker knows is faulty!!!!! P.