Music Writing Software / Equinox Interface

Posted by: JR11

Music Writing Software / Equinox Interface - 01/22/03 11:45 AM

Please excuse what may seem like an elementary question here, but I am new to digital music, though I have been playing piano over 30 years.

I understand I can hook my Equinox Pro 88 to my PC, and with some software, play a song on the keyboard and generate the manuscript to be printed on the printer. For someone like me who has always just printed it out with pen & ink on manuscript sheets, this is a relevation, though I hear this capability has been out there for years.

Can someone please tell me what software I need, how to hook up the keyboard & PC, and what problems I may run into? I am anxious to get started NOW!!! Thanks

Posted by: HARP

Re: Music Writing Software / Equinox Interface - 01/23/03 04:30 AM

for printing off music from a computer the best program to use is Sibalius. If you want to compose & Arrange - i would recommend Cubase VST or Logic - all three of these programs will work with your Equinox.

Posted by: PaulD

Re: Music Writing Software / Equinox Interface - 02/01/03 11:59 AM

Sibalius is a GREAT program, but very spendy. If you are just getting started, I would suggest Print Music, by Finale'. Last I looked this software was well under $100.00 dollars. There are also free notation, and sequencing (freeware, Shareware) programs avilible via the net, that you could get your feet wet with before making an investment. Furthermore, I believe Steinberg Cubase and Calkwalk have trail version on their sites you can download.