32 tracks or 16 tracks

Posted by: sk880user

32 tracks or 16 tracks - 02/01/01 09:05 AM

Hello friends,

for sk880 keyboard, the documentation says that it has 32 tracks. But I only see 16.

Overwhelming songs do not exceed 16 tracks and I like it like this: 16 tracks instead of 32.

However, I wonder why the documentation says 32 tracks? could it be because:

1) you can switch between 16 and 32? how?
2) future implementation?
3) they do not mean 32 tracks but 32 multitimberal
Posted by: chrisgm

Re: 32 tracks or 16 tracks - 02/06/01 02:47 PM

The sequencer on the SK880 really does have 32 tracks although only 16 are visible in the initial view. Once you are in song mode, with RECORD turned off, you can create tracks 17 thru 32 in the following way:

1. Press TRACKS, (keypad button 5)
2. Go to page 2
3. Pess "Create Track", (button F6).
4. Use the dial to select the number of track you wish to create, (eg: 17)
5. Press ENTER.

Repeat the above procedure for each new track you wish to create.

Could you please re-post this question in the Generalmusic support forum, (website address: http://www.peavey.com/html/gm.html) and I will copy the same answer so that it might assist other users. For future reference, if you post technical questions in this Peavey forum, you should get a more timely response.

Best regards,
Chris Anthony
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Posted by: sk880user

Re: 32 tracks or 16 tracks - 02/07/01 08:21 AM


It is done. *smile* Please check the other forum.

By the way, thank you for coming here and spending the time to answer the question.

If there is anything we want, is a software/hardware upgrade (not free of course) to sk880SE. *smile*