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Playlist - 10/09/06 01:01 AM

Hi All,

After editing midi files I saved them to the hard drive and then added them to the playlist one by one. I received an error "compatability failure test". When I was double checking the midis some of them were not what the should have been. I did move files up and down and am wondering if this is the reason why some of the midis were playing different tunes that they should have been? Is there a way to save a playlist to a cd.. I know the method but what folder location saves the playlists?


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The PlayList and DataBase List files are stored on the hard drive in the System folder and are named HDPLIST.SYS and HDDB.SYS respectively. These files can be burned to a CD or saved to a floppy disk, HOWEVER, keep in mind that the information contained in these files is specific to the SMF's, GEM Format songs, mp3 and WAVE files that were present on the hard drive when the files were created. If any changes to hard drive song content were made and then you try re-loading the playlist or DBlist from a previous time, this will definitely cause problems.

As for the problem you are having;
I don't know if this would help, but I know this is how I do it and have not had any problems. After saving one of more new songs to the hard drive, I always go to the DB LIST and re-scan the hard drive so the instrument knows the new songs exist. Then I create my PLAYLISTS.

Please let me know if this helps.

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Re: Playlist - 11/27/06 07:33 AM


I think I know what the problem was:
When I was asked to save from the RAM drive to the hard-drive I selected a folder and pressed save. I think that the file took a random location within the folder which over wrote the previous song.
I now actually select a location within the folder and I have not had this problem since.