Weight of new keyboards??

Posted by: DonM

Weight of new keyboards?? - 12/16/01 09:30 PM

Can you release any estimates of the weight of the new keyboard(s)? It is an important factor to musicians who move equipment every day.
Posted by: sk880user

Re: Weight of new keyboards?? - 12/17/01 09:09 AM

I agree. Weight is very important to me now after suffering under the 90lbs of sk880
Posted by: JoostMerema

Re: Weight of new keyboards?? - 12/18/01 05:49 AM


I have to carry around an full loaded Equinox 88 Pro and a full WK4.... And no, I don't carry them together

Weight doesn't matter for me. If the instrument is good, I am willing to carry it around... you could compare it with a nice woman


Posted by: DonM

Re: Weight of new keyboards?? - 12/26/01 01:27 PM

I suppose we'll find out soon enough. I won't consider anything over about 40 pounds. I'm enjoying the light weight of the PSR2000, and don't really need another keyboard, but . . . .
Posted by: woodside

Re: Weight of new keyboards?? - 01/04/02 10:41 PM

You worry about weight.....think about the gigging musicians in the late 60's.....
Dragging a B3 around was no fun.
Myself, I settled for a japanese unit circa 1967, that had a mahogany cabinet, and a tublar
chromed steel stand that broke into four pieces to transport from gig to gig.
That thing weighed over 100 lbs.
So accept the weight of the SK880 it gets lighter as you work with it....a great unit thats
taken me months of saving (as a senior on a pention)...to be able to pay for the down payment.
And remember carrying it will do you good..... probably more exercise than most musicians
using "roadies" will ever get........now to unpack my new toy.... bye for now.
Posted by: Leon

Re: Weight of new keyboards?? - 01/29/02 12:53 PM

I hate weighting...especially in the rain..
....oh....never mind
Posted by: DonM

Re: Weight of new keyboards?? - 01/29/02 07:05 PM

I carried around heavy stuff when it was necessary. Now I'm doing sometimes 3 or 4 shows a day, and always minimum of 5 a week. The weight is very important.
It will have to be really special make me want to deal with a heavy keyboard again.
Posted by: Uncle Dave

Re: Weight of new keyboards?? - 02/24/02 12:23 AM

NOTHING is that special to me. Those days are gone, my friend. For the casual, or weekend user maybe, but not for us road warriers that work the trenches day in and day out ! The WEIGHT is over !