Attn George Kaye

Posted by: Vquestor

Attn George Kaye - 03/05/04 03:31 PM

Could you tell me if the GEM WK2 ORIENTAL arranger Module comes with a hard drive,
or is it only the non-oriental version
that does?
Posted by: PaulD

Re: Attn George Kaye - 03/05/04 07:20 PM

I am not George, but I can answer this. We have made some with and some without; currently we only sell ones without Hard Drives, only the WK2 non-oriental instruments come with hard drives.
Posted by: George Kaye

Re: Attn George Kaye - 03/05/04 09:17 PM

Thanks for answering the question Paul. Paul is the national sales manager for GEM and he would have the right answers.
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