.Wav importing on Korg iX300?

Posted by: infrabassnomore

.Wav importing on Korg iX300? - 11/29/04 11:58 AM

Hello SynthZone users,
I have been exchanging emails with a person on the internet about buying a KORG iX300, I'm quite excited. However, I realised recently that I had just been assuming that it came with certain things, I never actually asked... So I know the KORG iX300 has a 3.5" floppy A drive, but can you use this drive to import wav sounds?

I already know about importing midi files, and different styles and stuff, but one of the main reasons I was purchasing it was for the fact that i could import my .wav files... Aswell, IF you can import .wav files, at what bit rate can they be?

Thanks much in advance!
Posted by: Uncle Dave

Re: .Wav importing on Korg iX300? - 11/29/04 12:24 PM

Sorry Dan.....no can do!