Need Keyboard Advice

Posted by: Mav

Need Keyboard Advice - 07/07/07 01:42 PM

Hi...First post here. I am a guitarist/songwriter. I use a Hard disk digital recorder.

My Ensoniq VFX-sd no longer works, so I need to replace it. I only use the keyboard for piano, bass, strings, sax & misc. sounds to add to my project. So I am in no way a great keyboardist.

I am undecided as what to buy. I do not want to spend a lot, since I do not use it all that much. Scared to buy something used, heard to many bad stories. Anyone know of this Yamaha PSR-E403. This is an inexpensive keyboard. BestBuy even has it under another model number.

I can get a used VFX-sd for $200, but like I said, scared to buy something used.(no disks or manual)

Also I have a lead on a Korg m1 for about $300.

Any help appreciated. I did like the Ensoniq even though I did not learn all of it & it has a bad reputation. I was able to sequence some nice things before I bought the Hard disk 24 track machine

Thanks in advance,
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Re: Need Keyboard Advice - 07/07/07 06:43 PM

I had an ensoniq sd when they first came out great board.......when it worked.

There is a difference between the board Best Buy sells under a different model number I looked into it a couple of months ago. Guitar center or musicians friend has them for the same price as best buy. I don't remember what the difference was and I ended up buying a midi controller so I didn't get either one.
Listen to it see if it has the sound quality you want.
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Re: Need Keyboard Advice - 07/10/07 10:15 AM


Not familiar with the VFX, does it have a midi out? If you can still use it as a midi controller, then check out EM-U Proteus rack-mount module. Has tons of sampled sounds including some decent bass, beautiful pianos, strings and decent sax. Price... um, I'm thinking $500 new, half that used.

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Re: Need Keyboard Advice - 07/10/07 01:34 PM

... and thanks to a posting by Member "Bebop", I found a proteus for half price just like I thought, $250. Check out the web site at