Where to start?

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Where to start? - 11/03/04 11:05 AM

I am a new synth user with a little acoustic piano experience, (and more on guitar) who is getting a Korg X3. Any suggestions how to get started figuring out how to get what I want from the beast. I would like to be able to reasonably closely reproduce specific parts from songs, to be played in a live setting (such as the intro to Clapton's "Bad Love"). Any recommended reading or web-sites to help in getting familiar with synths/workstations in general, and the Korg X3 in specific? Thanx, John
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Re: Where to start? - 11/06/04 09:08 AM

Your question is anything but specific so it took me some time to come up with a non specific answer.
You will obviously need to start in the beginning.
First you will need to familiarize yourself with MIDI and MIDI sequencing. There are different ways to go about that. The easiest is to type in What is MIDI? On Google and read as much as you can.
Once you’re familiar with most of the basic stuff that has to do with MIDI, you will need to learn how to use your X3. In order to learn without wondering in the dark the wise thing to do would be to read the manual. A lot of people skip that part.

Of coarse if you ever have more questions you can always post here or at the General Arranger section. We are always glad to help out.

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Re: Where to start? - 11/13/04 02:08 AM

Go take some classes at a community college. Hey I'm serious on this post. You might be quite suprised at the talent and knowledge of who is teaching you. A good teacher will not leave a students questions unanswered. If they dont know something you ask, they will find out. I still go every year and every year (although I take different music courses) I am blown away at how much I learn. I believe it is a never ending proccess. It's so worth it
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Re: Where to start? - 11/14/04 04:20 AM

I 'm a ex-X3 user (1993-97)so what's your question.
things to consider-

X3 can't play direcly from disks(it has to load it-int mem is 32000 notes(ie-4-5 SMF max)

Transposition written in x3 can't be recognized by other gear(only specific for x3)

all sounds are decent(even to today's std) except ac piano

sequencer is not hard.though it has a small screen -it has dedicated buttons

bottom line-Good KB for studio or live with band
not for solo players/gigers.

check n364(more poly) sites cause seq is identical.

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