K2661-something missing??

Posted by: sLOWER

K2661-something missing?? - 04/21/05 10:28 AM

...there is no plastic cover under ADAT IN & OUT on K2661..I don't know if that must be there???...on my TR STUDIO there was such a cover...Is that missing??
Posted by: Sheriff

Re: K2661-something missing?? - 04/21/05 12:19 PM

Do you mean the optical plug? There should be a cover on it because of saving the plug for dust and dirt.

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Sheriff ;-)
Posted by: sLOWER

Re: K2661-something missing?? - 04/21/05 01:52 PM

..yes,but there isn't...I call my friend's friend who has K2661 and he also doesn't have that cover...????is there anybody who have it??