Korg MicroStation

Posted by: cassp

Korg MicroStation - 08/20/19 04:18 PM

I’m picking up a MicroStation tomorrow and would love all the input available. Do/have you owned one, and what should I know besides the smaller keys. Any combos or sounds? Drum patterns? Has anyone used the Sweetwater B3 package? Let’s talk.
Posted by: Nigel

Re: Korg MicroStation - 09/03/19 11:32 PM

Look forward to hearing from you about what you think.
Posted by: cassp

Re: Korg MicroStation - 11/26/19 07:01 PM

Sorry to disappoint, but I sold it for a small profit and bought a MicrArranger Liverpool. Now this I like and can use in many ways. The Beatles styles and MIDIs are decent, and I’ve added a few more Beatle songs to my Songbook.