Lyrics program for windows

Posted by: Eddi65

Lyrics program for windows - 02/24/18 07:05 AM

Does anyone know a good lyric program for windows touch screen AiO PC. At the moment I am using DFB (digital fakebook) but it can not send midi data (bank & PC) to my Ketron SD 40 to recall the registrations. I have contacted the developer but at the moment inserting midi in the program have a low priority (I was the only person to request it). Searching on the net showed me a result that is possible to make a songbook in MS word and then with hyperlink (from song titel), word opens another program wich sends midi data to the arranger module. (It was posted for Ketron Audya 76)
Thanks for the answers.
Posted by: freakman

Re: Lyrics program for windows - 02/26/18 07:39 AM


Yes MobileSheets Pro.
Can you buy in the Windows Store.
With that pretty much everything is possible.
There are a lot of instructions in Youtube.
You can Download a Testversion
Insert the green marked in your browser, without quotes.
Posted by: Eddi65

Re: Lyrics program for windows - 02/28/18 07:16 AM

Thank you for your answer freakman, but the program works only on windows 10. I stil have windows 7 so it is not a solution. I can not upgrade to win 10 - older PC.
Thank you.
Posted by: freakman

Re: Lyrics program for windows - 03/05/18 02:10 AM

you could try installing an Android emulator on your PC and testing the app from Google Store.
The developer of MobileSheets wrote that to me.
That has already worked for many.
You can try the trial version to see if it works.