Audya vs Genos

Posted by: Chevy

Audya vs Genos - 11/16/17 02:50 PM

Live sound and drums are very important to me. No Tyros have ever come close to the Audya.
I got the Yamaha Genos in to my studio tonight and I'm not returning it. Wow, the new drum sounds is amazing!! Very close to jam with a real drummer!
I will keep my AJ Audya for a while. It has been a good friend for many years smile
Posted by: Gunnar Jonny

Re: Audya vs Genos - 01/23/18 09:33 AM

Congrats Martin,
when you say it's a good thing, I believe it. smile
Ordered and waiting for mine whenever it show up with the Slowboat from China. ♪♫♫♪♯♪♫
Well, that is if it is produced and sent by now, who knows. wink

Also a lot Genos posts here:

And not to forget the PSR Tutorial forum:

Btw, Happy New Year!
Posted by: matt07ie

Re: Audya vs Genos - 04/07/18 02:47 PM

Have you checked the Audya against the SD1+ ? I was told SD1+ is old now but super sounds drums and bass and very user friendly , however though I must check out the Genos now and compare😉