HELP! Boss SE-50

Posted by: deedub

HELP! Boss SE-50 - 03/08/02 04:51 PM

Just got a used Boss SE-50 with no manual... how do you restore the factory presets? Any help here would be great. Also, know any sites where I can download a manual? Not available from Roland. Thanks for any help.
Posted by: Fran Carango

Re: HELP! Boss SE-50 - 03/08/02 06:02 PM

The presets are the first 128, you can not rewrite them. When you change parameters and write to memorie, they are allocated to the second group of 128..
Posted by: deedub

Re: HELP! Boss SE-50 - 03/08/02 08:22 PM

Thanks Fran, but from what I've been able to see of the unit so far, it's only got 128 presets... period. No evidence I can see of 128 user-128 factory presets. Is there no way to restore this thing to the factory settings? I can't believe they would leave that out.
Posted by: Uncle Dave

Re: HELP! Boss SE-50 - 03/08/02 09:15 PM

I can't remember, but I think there were only 28 presets, and the rest were writable. The first 28 were fixed - try to edit them and see if you can write to a location in the first few number banks. Sounds like the internal battery is gone if there are no presets written.
Posted by: Mgomes

Re: HELP! Boss SE-50 - 03/09/02 04:56 AM

From a old Roland Resource book:

SE-50 Power on while holding PARAM UP (^) and VALUE UP (^). Press WRITE. Wait three
seconds and press WRITE again.

Posted by: Fran Carango

Re: HELP! Boss SE-50 - 03/09/02 06:24 AM

Dave and Mgomes are correct.. Ther are a total of 128 effect memories . The first 100 are the writable locations and the last[101-128] are writable spots. From the factory the first 28 are the factory presets[same as the presets 101-128, but you can write overthem. The remaining group 29-100 are variation and custom effects shipped from the factory.. The procedure for factory reset was correctly stated,,Fran
Posted by: deedub

Re: HELP! Boss SE-50 - 03/09/02 07:05 AM

Hey Guys, thanks very much for the info.
Posted by: deedub

Re: HELP! Boss SE-50 - 03/09/02 07:14 AM

Mgomes...just put it to the test... worked like a charm. I plan to use this beast mainly in a guitar rig, but will also be using in conjunction with an old Korg 01/W in my home recording setup. Thanks again for the help everyone! Still looking for an online manual.... any ideas?