Freehand MusicPad Prl

Posted by: runner50

Freehand MusicPad Prl - 04/14/08 05:11 AM

What room would I discuss the workings of a Music Pad Pro? I am recently purschased one and would like to know if anybody is using one.

Thank you...MikeF
Posted by: Joan

Re: Freehand MusicPad Prl - 04/14/08 02:57 PM

Hi there - there is a current thread on the Technics forum. You will probably be able to find past postings also on the Yamaha site.

Use the SEARCH Facility using Music Pad Pro as words to search for. Joan
Posted by: Nigel

Re: Freehand MusicPad Prl - 04/14/08 11:24 PM

And here is one on the General Arranger Forum but if you search that forum you will find other threads as well.