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#94892 - 03/05/01 10:26 PM PSR-GX76 a piece of garbage?

Hello all,

I am obviously new to midi in every possible way. Know how to play a keyboard, know how to work a computer, but can't seem to figure out how to get the keyboard to play with my working computer. As you may have guessed from the title I recently purchased a Yamaha PSR-GX76 under the impression from the very confident sales-person that it would be as simple as plug and play to record midi files onto my computer. After a few initial failures, a copy of Cakewalk 9.0 was purchased and installed as well as a midisport 1x1 to hook the thing up to my USB. Well, based on the flickering lights Calkwalk seems to have no problems sending information, but the keyboard has problems receiving as well as sending. I've been browsing through the less than helpful manual for a few good hours now and decided to seek help from you guys.

My big question...

Can this keyboard even do anything? All references in the instructions seems to imply that it is limited to backing up data that cannot be further edited anyway (something I have not been able to accomplish either).

Any information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance and all that.

- Doh

#94893 - 03/06/01 06:17 AM Re: PSR-GX76 a piece of garbage?
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This is just a guess but alot of the lower end Yamaha keyboards don't transmit the arranger info through midi. At least, that's how I remember it from a few years back. I'm sure the basic note on/off info can be transmited from the keyboard into Cakewalk - just be sure the record channel is ON, and the midi transmit is working on the Yammy. It may have to be set to transmit before it actually goes out the jack.
Again, I am "winging" this from past experience, in lieu of an informed opinion. Please take this as a suggestion only - I'm definatly NOT sure about this.
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#94894 - 03/07/01 11:33 AM Re: PSR-GX76 a piece of garbage?
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I have no problem sending or receiving MIDI on my GX76 from my laptop computer using a USB MIDI interface. It worked right out of the box... I was able to play a demo song to my laptop computer. And then play it back to the GX76 keyboard.

You should check your MIDI cable connections, or you might have a defective unit.

IMHO, PSR-GX76 is a super bargin at less than $400 USD. It has 76 keys, 2-way speakers, 64 notes poly and some pretty good sounds. I used it in a few live shows and it sound good. There is some noise so it's not good for studio work.


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