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#91420 - 12/18/99 01:31 PM 740 "Organ Flutes"
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Today I had a chance to fiddle a little with a 740. I owned a 730 & think the 740 is a lot better keyboard-at least in features & ease of use.

I did not have acess to the manuals & tried to fiddle with the organ flutes voice to no avail. Is this a voice in itself? I associate organ flutes with a church organ which would be fine with me.

Is this a fine tune for any organ voice?
Again, as I posted in the old forum-the voices sounded great but not a whole lot better than those in the 540. How many "Sweet Voices" are there on the 740?

I love bells and whistles, so hidden in this message, is the implicit, question, of justifying to myself the extra money for a 740.
Thanks in advance for any insight.

#91421 - 12/18/99 08:31 PM Re: 740 "Organ Flutes"
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Haven't played with the organ flutes much, except to remember that they sound good.
However, you can download the manual for the PSR740 from Yamaha's website. It takes a while, but then you'll have it on your computer to read or print out as you choose.
There are a number of improvements over the 730. Just a few are: increased polyphony, 4 variations per style, simple endings (great!), vocal harmony, better e.q. and dsp's, better sounds, including Sweet voices, grouping of styles and voices that makes them easier to find, tap tempo, and better, more logical layout.
Sell your 730 to some little old lady and get the new one!

#91422 - 12/20/99 06:04 AM Re: 740 "Organ Flutes"
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The organ flutes were a big drawing card for me because I'm an old Hammond organ player. They are a seperate voice and you can set them and save them with the registration memory. You can even save a "drawbar setting" for voice one, then another for voice two, and even another for the left hand voice and then play them all at the same time. With DSP they are pretty good. Still not the real thing but much easier to carry around. The fake "Leslie" even speeds-up and slows down. As far as I know they do not modify the other organ preset sounds.

Tom Cavanaugh



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