Does anybody own the Boss Dr. 880 yet? Seems like a fairly new module, and I'm interested in purchasing it, though I have some questions first, obviously. Would like to speak with some other folks who own the thing. (Reviews are nill since it's so new.)

1. First off, is the 880 just a "step-up" of the Boss 770? Basically, does the 880 do everything the 770 can do, just more?

2. Can effects (e.g. reverb) be applied to individual drum patches, or does the effect have to apply to the whole kit? For example, on a loop, if I want to add more reverb just to the snare drum on my kit, can I do that, or do I have to apply the effect to the whole setup?

3. Does the 880 allow programming in odd meters. A lot of modules only allow programming in quarter note signatures, such as 4/4, 6/4, 10/4, etc. What about other signatures, like 6/8, 9/8? (I don't think odd meters are on the 770.)

4. When programming, is there a limit to how many measures for an individual song? Say I don't want to program loops, but a whole entire song, say, 128 measures. Can I do this?

5. Is the 880 considered a sequencer? If I'm programming a loop, can I lay the snare down all at one time, and then go back and enter in the bass drum, then the hi-hat, etc.? Or do I have to input all of the instruments in order in which they appear in the measure? Basically, is the 880 multi-track?

6. And in regards to step sequencing, do you put the data in with notes, or with numbers?