Hi gang-

My bass player's 16 year old son has played piano for several years (with lessons) and has saved close to $1000.00 for a keyboard. He wants basic piano/strings, etc. so he can play in a band BUT also wants the ability to compose his own songs and save them.

They are seriously considering the Korg TR88 and have asked me for an opinion.

My first thought was that the TR88 is a helluva "first keyboard" for a teenager, no matter how serious they seem.

My second thought is that I've owned a Triton Prox88 and didn't care for it. I could never get the piano to meet my needs, even with the different expansion/alternate piano sounds available. I also didn't find myself getting comfortable with the sequencing structure...(I don't have the patience...)

Since switching to the Tyros 1 and now the Tyros 2 (with the psr3000 along the way) I'm much happier. I'm more of an arranger person than a sequencer person for sure...

Korg certainly is a respected name and makes good quality gear. It may suit the kid's needs just fine.

Any comments or advice on what I might tell his Dad would be appreciated.

Happy New Year!

Bill from Dayton

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Bill in Dayton