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#74719 - 05/25/08 05:58 PM Which one has the best pads? wavestation or jv 1010?

Hi, im lookin for a module with good pads and I have a good deal on these two: korg wavestation and roland jv 1010.
Now, ive heard the wave station and those are some bad ass pads!
On the other hand I could use some bass too, but korgīs are awful, dont know about the rolandīs bass. I would only buy jv IF the bass were great AND the pads would stand against wavestationīs.
Give me your opinions..

#74720 - 08/02/08 02:12 PM Re: Which one has the best pads? wavestation or jv 1010?
marty71 Offline
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It really depends what sort of music you do, dance,techno, breakbeat, rock, pop etc - all have complementary synths for the job.
If its an all rounder, then the JV is your bag but...I would go via the wavestation, but only an expanded ex, ad or (sr version if you cant be bothered programming). The original misses out on the various wavetables that were included on later models. Pads are very important, sure folks go on about bass but when you hear a lush swirling pad, there is nothing better for playing satisfaction. You could always get a cheap monophonic unit for bass, which will give you more sound for your money and will most likely products you will keep unlike the JV, which is a workstation sort of thing.

The Wavestation plays one patch at a time, but the richness is great. . The wavestation also has fantastic effects onboard, so go for that, you wont be sorry.

#74721 - 08/02/08 07:54 PM Re: Which one has the best pads? wavestation or jv 1010?
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Before you make a decision..the JV1010 has more polyphony for complex patches..and utilizes performance mode too..The JV 1010 also accepts expansion card (this alone may be worth the edge}..


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