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#74257 - 12/08/99 02:27 AM YAMAHA RM1X

I recently have purchased the YAMAHA RM1X and I am looking for anyone who is willing to share with me their knowledge, software, patterns, MIDI files, and anything else that they think is either cool or useful. I hope to hear from all kinds of new people. Take care and I look forward to having you drop in on me to talk about the YAMAHA RM1X.
Eric B. Meyer

#74258 - 12/12/99 10:42 AM Re: YAMAHA RM1X

The RM1 is a sweet machine. I have been using it for six months and it rulez. The operating system can be a bit tricky at times and believe it or not, having experience with ReBirth helps when learning it. I use the RM1 as the core of my electronic project. I don't use a lot of the RM1's onboard voices. Instead I take advantage of its' superior sequencing capabilities and slave external devices to it via MIDI. Devices like: TR808, TR909, TB303, Yamaha CS1-X, CS6-X, E-MU Orbit and various other tone generators. Essentially the RM1 acts as a catalyst to drive and control my other sound units, including ReBirth. If you would like to hear some of my sounds(sequenced with the RM1 of course) go to ------------------>
write me anytime.......later.

#74259 - 12/27/99 06:12 AM Re: YAMAHA RM1X
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Eric if you want to swap some patterns and things then vist my site, theres patterns and other stuff to download and if you want to contribute its always welcome, Mark.


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