Text To MIDI
A fellow from the Netherlands, Piet Van Oostrum, has created a pair of nifty
file convertors. One, MF2T, translates
Standard MIDI Files into an editable ASCII text format; and the other, T2MF
converts it back. MIDI-OX has been able to
log its output to a text file for sometime, but we've added an option to log
the data in a format compatible with the
T2MF program.
When you enable logging in Text to MIDI format, the program zeros the
timestamps on any open MIDI devices,
creates a text file header, and then waits for the first MIDI event to arrive.
After it does, recording begins and continues
until logging is disabled at which time the log adds trailer information. The
output can be passed directly into the
T2MF program. You can download DOS versions of the programs (they will work
under Windows 95), as well as the
source code, directly from Piet Van Oostrums site:

MIDI to Text Convertors
MF2T and T2MF:
MF2T.ZIP (65K)
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Source code:
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has anyone tried this or any other conversions?