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#73760 - 02/22/99 06:41 PM What Happened to the AN1x?
Jay Storey Offline
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I was considering the purchase of an AN1x, but then I noticed it was being discontinued, with remaining units being blown out at discounts.

I figured that OK, a new unit is coming out
(AN2x maybe?), so I waited for the 99 Winter
NAMM show and there's no AN1x replacement, just a new CS1x (the CS2x).

What happened? It seemed to me the AN1x was selling well, and certainly had a price advantage over it's competition
(e.g. JP-8000).

A salesman at a store told me they had a lot of problems and bugs, but I think he was just down on Yamaha stuff.

Did I miss something, is the AN1x a dog or something, were they unreliable?

I'm still thinking about buying a leftover, or maybe a used one if Yamaha doesn't want to come out with a new version.


Jay Storey

#73761 - 02/23/99 01:42 AM Re: What Happened to the AN1x?
lilbro99 Offline
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I live in the Mid west I think they have some here, but I think that yamaha will release a sequal (AN2x) the synth did to good of a job to be dicontinued.That sales person is full of it!!!

#73762 - 02/28/99 12:38 AM Re: What Happened to the AN1x?
Carlos Carbone Offline

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I really, really love my AN1x. I haven't found any problems on it. The AN1x is what a synth should be. The sound by itself can keep you jamming with yourself (solo) for a more than an hour at a time. But if you begin to twist the dials and experiment with the sequencer, well... tell them to slide the food under the door (I haven't try a Nord lead yet). Discontinued? Yes, I think the people don't apreciate the thing. I got mine with a big discount because the Yamaha Dealer didn't know what to do with the only AN they brought. Me? I coudn't be happier.


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