I would like to set up my KN-6000 to allow Program Changes "IN" over MIDI, but not have the KN-6000 send Program Changes "OUT" via MIDI. I see on the MIDI settings page that I can turn (amongst lots of other things) PROGRAM CHANGE to "ON" or "OFF" - but this seems to affect transmit AND receive. I'd like to turn Transmit OFF and Receive OFF.
Can it be done?

[Reason is: I have a Peavey PC-1600x that sends Program Changes to the KN-6000 to select panel memories; but I am now adding a
Roland SH-32 synth module that I want to play from the KN-6000, but I don't want the KN-6000 to send Program Changes to it. [I cannot disable Program change Receive in the Roland, I checked into that]

For now, I have one of those "Anatek" Pocket MIDI Filters in-line with the MIDI OUT of the KN-6000, set to filter out Program Changes, and that works - but that's one more gadget (and extra MIDI cable) to have to set up at every gig!

Thanks for any hints on how I can achieve this!