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#5913 - 03/04/02 08:37 AM my 2 pennies worth
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Been reading this thread..UUUMMMM interesting, here is my view point.

Most (and thats not all) DJs are DJs because they are failed musicians. They can't play instruments, they can't sequence a track, they can't master in a recording studio. So what next?

"Ah, some twin decks, they're easy enough to learn."

And with a bit of practice they can mix a few of someone elses records together and say they are "making music". Bull s**t.

Anyone who believes all theses top DJs are the best in the world are idiots. Who gave them the right to ask for mega fees? Who would they be without the musicians like me and you? It is because of them that most underground dance music is not getting through. They only play each others records off each others labels to benefit themselves. Is this the right attitude of a so called 'musician'?

I could teach my Mom to DJ. Put her there on the lineup with DJ whatever and you tell me if anyone could tell if if was my Mom playing? Answer is no.

I started clubbing during the Rave scene. There were no big DJ names, no flashy venues, no stupid dress restrictions. Then, it was all about the music. Now its all about the money. When we'd go to a club we would go to listen to some top tunes. We didn't go to see any particular DJ, we didn't care who was playing. It was all about the music.

Dance music these days has lost it. There are too many 'DJs' out there playing absolute s**t. The industry is money orientated to make a few people rich. Look at Ibiza for example. How expensive is it to go there clubbing? If you haven't been I can tell you it is ridiculous.

Look at the dance music compilations that are in the shops. Time after time the same tunes appear on these CDs.

When will someone take the initiative to return the dance music scene to the old days when we went clubbing to have a good time and listen to GOOD music.


#5914 - 03/04/02 09:09 AM Re: my 2 pennies worth
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Originally posted by fxdif:

When will someone take the initiative to return the dance music scene to the old days when we went clubbing to have a good time and listen to GOOD music.

Wow. A "Good old days" quote. That's a sure sign of aging, my friend. Actually - more like MATURING. The club scene has ALWAYS changed to meet the new, and different needs of each new batch of "clubbers". (typically .... young 20-30 yr olds. Single, roudy, out to make some noise)
While I agree with your point about the decline of the musicianship, I must pick apart the statement that you made about your "Mother can DJ".
Maybe YOUR Mom can, but I think any entertainer needs to have a basic, artistic soul b4 they can even get up on a stage .... let alone perform in ANY medium.

I also think more DJ's are actually CREATED from scrath (excuse the pun) because of the changed music scene, and they are NOT a bunch of old , failed musicians. It's actually a prestigious position, these days to be a DJ. Kids identify with them - bands incorporate them - radio stations EMPLOY them - the list goes on.

This does not let the musicians off the hook who are getting lazy, and selling out to the technology. Nothing will ever replace dilligent, hard work and a faithful practice schedule. I'm trying my hardest to get young people to LEARN their instruments (Inside and out) before they start composing, and performing. It is too limiting to go on stage with a small bag of tricks. It's also boring after a while. When creating music becomes a tired, ho-hum job ..... it's time to light a spark in the musician! It's not always the BUSINESS that is to blame.
We need to constantly evolve WITH the business, so we don't get left out. Music changes, beats change, but there is always ONE constant - PEOPLE LOVE A SHOW.
Put on a good show, and you'll do just fine in EVERY generation of Show Biz!

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Everyone, and everything I listen to is my teacher. Every instrument, every voice, every sound in nature ... they are all my private tutor ... 24/7 for free.

#5915 - 03/04/02 03:15 PM Re: my 2 pennies worth

I agree with FXDif. You've only got to listen to the dance music charts on local radio to realise it's going down the toilet. DJs in my opinion have NO talent. I have dejayed myself and admittedly it was difficult at first but no harder than trying to ride a bike for the first time. I am also a record producer and I feel there is so much more skill involved in composing a record that lifts peoples emotions and makes them feel good. If you have worked in a studio there are so many parameters on all the equipment it is almost impossible to master.

Why do people insist on saying 'I'm going to see DJ Dave tonight'. He is only as good as his records and where did they come from? DJing in my opinion has very limited skill and this can be easily simulated on a computer. Just look at programs like Traktor DJ Mixer. Where's the skill involved now. All it does is take a playlist, beat matches all the records and mixes them together AUTOMATICALLY. Where's the skill now? Show me a program that has AUTOMATICALLY created a top ten hit or a club anthem. No, it's taken long hours in a recording studio by talented musicians, not by a turntable operator who knows how to control a fader and pitch controller (2 parameters).

If music is maturing why is the music industry constantly releasing old remixed tunes and old skool albums. The dance music industry IS evolving - for the financial benefit of DJs and their record companies, not the clubbers who line the DJs pockets.

#5916 - 03/04/02 08:30 PM Re: my 2 pennies worth
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I have been to raves and "underground clubs" to see DJ's. I go to hear my kind of music - deep house, disco house, and the Detroit techno sound. There are hardly any bands doing this kind of music, its usually a guy and some synths or computers, and they don't tour so the only way to hear them is to catch a DJ who plays that stuff. The dance scene has become a DJ thing, I don't know why.

FXDIF is mostly right, I stopped going to mainstream clubs because the so called dance music has become attrocious, pure crap, top 40.

Now there are alot of DJ's that are wannabes, a few are very good remixers - those are the DJ/producers who actually know how to sequence and use computers to remix tracks. Some can take a lame tune and make it sing. Generally I'm not inot DJ's, I don't care, I'm into the music.
There are also alot of keyboard/computer "producers" who are wannabes too.

I consider myself a song writer first. I learned on the organ, remember organs? Then I took classical piano then years later I got a synth and again a few years later I got a computer, so by the time I got a computer I had been playing keys for over 10 years, guitar for over 10 years and drums for 15 years! . Mind you, I got my first synth in 1984 when I was 15, and there was not much in the way of home computers with midi, and it was VERY expensive back then.

The problem today is that kids just can't play, they use loops and samples and when they do play, they suck. Also they are so spoiled witht todays technology, I mean today youve got samplers and megabytes of memory - my fist computer had 16K and midi wasnt invented yet and yet some of the best tunes came out of that "retro" gear. Samplers cost 40,000 dollars then. I'm glad I got to see midi evolve. What are ya gonna do??

I'm not saying that you shouldnt just dive in and learn music with the new technology if you are just starting out, I'm just saying that somehow somewhere along the way since I first started, music has gone down the tubes because musicianship has gone down the tubes.

Having said that I have heard some pretty good stuff from friends - younger friends - (Im not old, I just started young, when I was 4) who can't play for shit!! Makes me mad

Now Britney Spears and Nsync are scary.

#5917 - 03/05/02 07:43 AM Re: my 2 pennies worth
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I think I agree. But, IMO the top DJs are DJ shadow, DJ Z Trip, DJ Premeir, Q-Bert and Automator. And I doubt just anyone can do what they do. But they can also play instruments and sequence... (or at least automator, premier and shadow can).


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