Hi Folks.
I have spoken today to the firm I mentioned bill@wdgreenhill.com Tel/Fax 91702 546195
Regarding parts for the KN7000
I rang him for a reason, the reason being copyright of Technics products.
The person I spoke to is Nigel. I wanted to know if there was anything illegal in selling me a
KN7000 Service manual which I have just purchased from him. His answer floored me.
I asked if I could post onto Synthzone the fact I had bought a Service manual from him.
He said that he is now the official contact for Technics parts in the UK. And would welcome the publicity of
me posting this on synthzone. He explained if Panasonic UK was asked to supply a part, they would pass the request over to him. So he can be contacted personally without Panasonic being involved.
If you want a service manual legitimately the price is 29.50 + 3.50 postage.
The manual is a copied version but is high quality and in a ring bound folder, very professionally produced.
I am very impressed with my copy.
Regards.PS please read the last post on
"Sick KN7000"