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#56603 - 01/06/00 09:54 AM Re: Hard Drive for KN 5000
Bob Hendershot Offline

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FYI, the problem that I had with the cable was that it was physically damaged. Somehow it had been smashed in handling or shipping and the connector would not fit onto the computer. The cable is not anything exotic and has the normal RFI filter at the computer end. I have always used the Tech Manager with LPT1. I have not tested it using a second parallel port (LPT2) connection.

#56604 - 01/06/00 02:13 PM Re: Hard Drive for KN 5000
Scottyee Offline
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Hi Matti & Bob,

Perhaps I might have mistakenly concluded that a 'specially designed' custom cable was required for 'TechManager' because of a message board posting or email I had read somewhere. Apparently some guy had obtained a copy of TechManager' (illegally?) w/o a cable and then had tried to re-design a standard parallel printer cable to connect his PC as well as adapt a cable connector that would fit at the KN5000's keyboard hard drive end. After his attempts at re-designing a cable, I think he gave up and went ahead and ordered a legitimate copy of of the program and the cable as well from Keysoft Service.

Anyway, sounds like you need to get in direct contact with Roland Schmid. You may need to make a telephone call to him directly. I gave the Keysoft telephone number in an earlier post in this thread.

I am sorry to hear of your troubles with the Tech Manager software Matti. Perhaps if Keysoft is not able to fix your problem, then at least they should refund your money. I had spoken with Roland Schmid by telephone in the past and he was quite responsive. In fact I think it was Roland himself who told me that there had been cable problems in the past. Perhaps he was referring specifically to Bob's smashed cable. Anyway, I confidently hope Roland will be forthcoming in response to your particular issue.

Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.

- Scott

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