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#476747 - 09/25/19 10:24 PM Re: Genos Being replaced? [Re: pratzert]
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all talk. No facts.
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#488642 - 02/06/20 12:37 PM Re: Genos Being replaced? [Re: abacus]
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Originally Posted By abacus
It’s been out about 18 months so little chance of it being replaced any time soon. (Even when Arrangers were selling like hot cakes it was usually at least 3 years (Or more) between models, now there is less demand you are probably talking at least 4 years between models)


According to insiders, and people working for Yamaha, atleast 5 years for the current high end instruments like Montage and Genos
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#508800 - 09/13/23 11:32 AM Re: Genos Being replaced? [Re: pratzert]
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5 Years Old and still going strong.

Yamaha has released "New" versions by updating the Firmware/Software to add capabilities to the Genos.

#508831 - 09/18/23 12:31 PM Re: Genos Being replaced? [Re: pratzert]
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Styles, styles, styles…

Want your arranger to sound new? New styles. Loads of them. Might be ten years or more before you feel the need for a new arranger!
An arranger is just a tool. What matters is what you build with it..!

#508833 - 09/18/23 03:01 PM Re: Genos Being replaced? [Re: pratzert]
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Funny to see this old thread pop up.
Some familiar names from the 'old days' to see .... 🎵🎶🥂
Cheers 🥂
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#509573 - 02/13/24 09:46 AM Re: Genos Being replaced? [Re: Gunnar Jonny]
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Try this old blast from the past with old being the operative word my old DX7 making a comeback in the Genos 2

#509643 - 02/26/24 09:48 PM Re: Genos Being replaced? [Re: pratzert]
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You need to watch and listen to fully understand, so grab a drink and a snack while you watch this:-
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