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#477852 - 10/12/19 06:48 AM Ketron SD9/90 ?
Dnj Offline
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Why isn't anyone considering the Ketron SD9/90 ?
it's all KORG Pa, Sx900, Genos.....what about KETRON SD9/90?

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#477854 - 10/12/19 06:58 AM Re: Why isn't anyone considering the Ketron SD9/90 ? [Re: Dnj]
Mikem Offline

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I think it's because they are not readily available in North America. There was a store in Montreal that sold Ketron, even way back when it was called, "Solton", but unfortunately, it closed down a few years ago. I got all my synths there. I don't know of any other store that sells Ketron in my area. frown

#477855 - 10/12/19 07:14 AM Re: Why isn't anyone considering the Ketron SD9/90 ? [Re: Dnj]
DannyUK Offline
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I will be honest, I just don't trust Ketron stuff since I had those many headaches with the Solton X1 back in the day. Then I remembered the many threads here about how poor the Audya functioned when it was released. You hardly ever hear of problems with the other main manufactures.

Just to add, I know it's a different company but I still have a GEM WK8 and although its in good condition, the thing is falling apart, hardly works well anymore and some of the symptoms were similar to those I had with the X1 (laggy and locking up). Those keyboards I believe were made from the same country so I don't know if there's a connection there or not in terms of build quality & testing etc...

I know that Ketron may have improved dramatically since those days but I just rather invest in instruments that are reliable and well supported. I don't even know if they sell Ketron stuff in the UK anyway.

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#477856 - 10/12/19 07:16 AM Re: Why isn't anyone considering the Ketron SD9/90 ? [Re: Dnj]
montunoman Offline
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I love my Ketron Audya. Fantastic sounds, styles and vocal harmony. Great for tropical Latin, and really everything else too, except
hardly any Mexican styles. Plus, I really would love to have a chord looper. I don’t think the SD had that, right.?
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#477873 - 10/12/19 09:33 AM Re: Why isn't anyone considering the Ketron SD9/90 ? [Re: Dnj]
124 Offline
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Keith, I wonder if you might have had a lemon with your X1. I have a good friend in Leighton Buzzard still regularly gigging with his X1. It must be nigh on 20 years with it. smile

#477879 - 10/12/19 09:55 AM Re: Why isn't anyone considering the Ketron SD9/90 ? [Re: Dnj]
Gunnar Jonny Offline
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I jumped off the Ketron way after sold the SD1 and got the looooong wait for the Audya.
When it finally showed up in the stores, I'd already bought a G70.
Would like to try again, but now they have put Ketron on a very very high price level here in Norway, so I'll rather choose another model at top of Genos.
Cheers 🥂
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#477885 - 10/12/19 11:31 AM Re: Why isn't anyone considering the Ketron SD9/90 ? [Re: Dnj]
Bachus Offline
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I had to decide between Genos and the Ketron...

If they add 2 things, i wll jump ship and combine the sd90 with a Roland Fantom

- an option to edit and save GM sounds (those are the basic sounds, and can not be edited inside styles/midifiles)
- support for Yamaha styles.

And offcourse Roland needs to add the super natural sounds to the Fantom, but that seems only a matter of time..

And then maybe not, cause i am having so much fun with the genos..
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#477890 - 10/12/19 12:21 PM Re: Why isn't anyone considering the Ketron SD9/90 ? [Re: Dnj]
Bernie9 Offline
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I have my Audya 76 and SD40. I considered the SD7, the SD60, and SD90, but don't need another keyboard, so my module is great for many things. The SD90 is better, but too large for a module for me.

As far as quality is concerned, most people who had problems in the old days, had an Audya4. Much disappointment and frustration, while I felt guilty having a perfect Audya 76, and it still is. With support, I bought my Audya from Frank, and he has gone to bat for me on minor things when he didn't have to. AJ has also been helpful, plus Curt has jumped in as a very knowledgeable and helpful dealer.

The only downside I see is that AJ and the dealers have to put up with the care less attitude of Ketron Italy, but with their support, I wouldn't hesetate for a moment.
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#477895 - 10/12/19 12:52 PM Re: Why isn't anyone considering the Ketron SD9/90 ? [Re: Dnj]
rikkisbears Offline
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Hi ,
basically availability herein Australia. Used to only be the one dealership, not sure if they even bother keeping many of the products. I gave up on Ketron after my sd1. It was too much a worry if something went wrong, how to get it fixed. Had to throw my first sd2 in the bin after it died from an update. I was getting a screen replacement on my pa800 at the time ( naturally out of warranty) and I asked the guy about the sd2. He was going to charge me a hundred or a couple of hundred dollars just to look at the sd2, no guarantee he could fix it or get parts.

So, ketron, no thank you.

Btw, I did buy a second sd2 for VArranger, but nowadays I would have other options.
Haven’t used it in ages , hopefully it still works. Haven’t updated it though.

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best wishes
Rikki 🧸

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#478034 - 10/14/19 09:08 AM Re: Why isn't anyone considering the Ketron SD9/90 ? [Re: rikkisbears]
captain Russ Offline
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In my mind,there still is a MAJOR issue with the ethics of some of the folks involved.

For me, NO WAY!


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