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#454602 - 07/12/18 02:10 PM Re: T-Jam Blues....ArraNGER material? [Re: travlin'easy]
tony mads usa Offline
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Originally Posted By cgiles
Bottom line, I don't 'hate' inanimate objects like accordions and I certainly don't 'hate' accordion players (at least not for that reason smile ), so to those sensitive souls (you know who you are smile ) who get offended with my friendly locker-room teasing of my old Synthzone friends Tony or Fran, all I can say is PLEASE, PLEASE, GET OVER IT, I'm only kidding.

Originally Posted By travlin'easy
Tony, be nice. I actually owned a Korg M1, which I performed with for a year before purchasing a Yamaha PSR-7500. In reality, I never saw a keyboard I disliked, I just like some more than others. wink
All the best,
Gary cool

AWWwww ... c'mon, guys ... don't bust the bubble ...
How we gonna maintain the 'locker room' busting if you guys come clean ??? laugh2

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t. cool

#454612 - 07/12/18 09:54 PM Re: T-Jam Blues....ArraNGER material? [Re: cgiles]
Nigel Online   wise

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Originally Posted By cgiles
There are a number of other instruments I also dislike. These would include bagpipes, clarinet, harmonica, pipe organ, theatre organ, ukelele, piccolo flute, lap steel guitars. It has only to do with the character of the instrument.


I understand what you are saying but I can't agree with everything you say. There are many great tunes that are carried by great harmonica playing. I saw Benny Goodman live and had no problem with his clarinet sound. Ukeleles also have the sound of a high pitched guitar and I have heard fantastic performances. Even though you didn't mention it I bet you also don't like Melodicas. Donald Fagen has played some memorable Steely Dan lines with it. It reminds me of a friend of mine who loves jazz but can't stand any saxaphone playing because they all sound like Kenny G to him.

#454618 - 07/13/18 04:23 AM Re: T-Jam Blues....ArraNGER material? [Re: captain Russ]
cgiles Offline
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Nigel, it's not about the performers or the performances; it's about the tonal characteristics of the instruments themselves. I don't think I'm alone in this. If you favor certain genre's of music to which that instrument is totally foreign, there's a good chance you're not going to be a fan of that instrument. In some cases it's genre association; for instance, Ukuleles ate typically associated with Hawaiian music. Having lived in Hawaii, I can honestly say that I truly dislike Hawaiian music. Harmonicas remind me of 'Mississippi Delta-type blues', about the only blues form that I dislike. Clarinets = Dixieland, one of the few forms of jazz that I dislike. Accordions....most of the (sometimes self-deprecating) humor involving accordions, comes from accordion players themselves.

I think everybody has things, including musical instruments, that they don't like. The reasons vary; sometimes it's cultural bias, sometimes unfamiliarity, sometimes 'associations', and sometimes because they just don't like the sound of the thing. Many fans of classical or theatre organ think the 'Hammond' sound is a joke (it probably does the worst job of emulating a pipe organ) and can't understand why anyone would like it. Many Hammond lovers feel just the opposite. There's just no accounting for tastes.

The important thing is, there is no right or wrong here, and good or bad is usually a function of the performer, not the instrument. So live and let live....just keep that glockenspiel away from me smile smile.

"Faith means not wanting to know what is true." [Nietzsche]

#454634 - 07/13/18 09:52 AM Re: T-Jam Blues....ArraNGER material? [Re: cgiles]
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Chas is right. I don't like accordion:Tony Lovello was a long-time friend. I can't stand banjo: J.D. Crowe has been a friend for over 50 years. And I wish Bella Fleck would give up and use that creativity on another instrument.

I'm OK with Jake's uke playing and Stevie Wonder and Toots' harmonica playing. Since early Santo and Johnny, I have had a soft spot for steel; even added a three neck steel to the top of a Hammond C (Really dumb: also painted it gloss white).

At the edge of my limits is Robert Randolph and his style of pedal steel.

It all comes down to personal taste, playing experience and culture.



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