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#444534 - 01/11/18 01:55 PM Re: Don Mason hospitalized [Re: rphillipchuk]
Scott Langholff Offline
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Best wishes and get well soon, Don!

#444538 - 01/11/18 03:34 PM Re: Don Mason hospitalized [Re: Jerry T]
W Tracy Parnell Offline

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Best wishes Don with this new procedure and I'm sure it will be a success.
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#444543 - 01/11/18 05:59 PM Re: Don Mason hospitalized [Re: W Tracy Parnell]
sparky589 Offline

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Yamaha has made keyboards, guitars, home electronics, even motorcycles. Being a Korg guy, if Don's new gear is made by Yamaha, will he allow the doctors to put it in???
The older I get, the better I was..

#444544 - 01/11/18 06:03 PM Re: Don Mason hospitalized [Re: sparky589]
tony mads usa Online   cool2
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Yep, Don has always used whatever brand suited his needs best ... this could be made by Casio and he would accept it ... well, I THINK he would ...
t. cool

#444556 - 01/11/18 08:12 PM Re: Don Mason hospitalized [Re: Jerry T]
travlin'easy Offline
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The last ones I worked with were made by MedTronic, but that was a long time ago. At the time, they were in the process of miniaturizing them to something about the size of your little finger. The first ones were the size of a hockey puck.

Gary cool
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#444559 - 01/11/18 11:14 PM Re: Don Mason hospitalized [Re: travlin'easy]
john smies Offline
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Every morning this week I start my computer and check on two things. First and foremost is Don's condition and only after that I check on the news about the arrival of the PA1000. Don my friend I hope you are not doing too badly and that the pacemaker will have you up and running again behind the wheel, or rather the joy-stick , of your PA4X !!!

very best wishes,

#444572 - 01/12/18 05:49 AM Re: Don Mason hospitalized [Re: Jerry T]
Riceroni9 Offline

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John: Your sentiments regarding Mason and our daily routine are "spot on" as our British friends say. He is part of the mix of glue that holds the fabric of this Synth-Zone board together.

Even though the technology has improved on Pacemakers and the medical (operation) procedures are a "path well travelled"... there is always the chance that things might not go the way we desire. For that reason, I pray on Don's behalf.

Regarding his talent (as others have discussed)... Mason could make a Kazoo sound great... LOL! Thank you, John... for keeping him in your thoughts. ----Dave Rice

#444573 - 01/12/18 06:21 AM Re: Don Mason hospitalized [Re: Riceroni9]
guitpic1 Offline
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Best wishes for a speedy recovery as Iā€™m sure the operation will go well.

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#444595 - 01/12/18 12:50 PM Re: Don Mason hospitalized [Re: Jerry T]
DonM Offline
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I had the heart cath this morning and the results were good. I will be in the hospital here until Monday morning, then be transferred to the Shreveport branch, which specializes in cardiac care for the implant procedure.
So far so good. Thanks for prayers and/or well wishes.

#444596 - 01/12/18 12:52 PM Re: Don Mason hospitalized [Re: Ketron_AJ]
captain Russ Offline
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Just walked in from trip to Orlando, Don, so glad things are looking up. A good friend experienced the same thing, and, with a little lifestyle change, he's been fine for several years.

Take care of yourself! You're an important 1/2 of the "Mutt and Jeff" duo...not the most important part...that's the little guy...He..He!


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