Hi best forummers,
after having a short vacation I am glad to be back, and more important: I am honored to announce that 2 new guestplayer have joined the enthousiastic and by now wellknown and respected club of KESO guestplayers. The total of 20!! has been reached thanks to:
- Pete Dale (from France);
- Greg Towle (from USA).
I recommend their songs, which surely enlarge the various bouquet of beautiful songs, all played on that fine keyboard.
I welcome them and if you have listen to their songs, please react to them by this post or to them in personal. Their emailadres is on their Personal KESO Page.
They have also some Xmas songs on their repertoire.
Joan Banfield has also added some songs on here Page.
Enjoy and best greetings,
P.S. I have enough interesting posts to read since the last time I could login

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Cees wink
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