This is my orchestration of "It Might Be You" composed by David Grusin. It's a beautiful melody as an instrumental with a tight chordal structure. I used one substitution here, see if you can locate it. The score is in the Key of "G"
**This is updated as I explored the Voice Effect Facility on the Tyros 5 to obtain a better legato using the Sax section for a two measure 16th note run. I turned on the Sustain, DSP and our beloved initial touch buttons. I thank ED our Moderator for leading me in the correct direction. The Pop piano was removed and replaced by the Twin Steel Guitar.
Features the Pop Soprano Sax (melody and a moving improvisation)
Bb Trumpet gets the bridge
Romantic Strings and Violas
Sax Section
Pop Horns Mellow
Soft Velo Brass
Muted trumpet
Twin Steel Guitar
Acoustic Bass
Live Drum Track (Acoustic Drum Kit)
DSP Reverb Hall 5
Have a listen when time permits with your favorite Head gear and I do welcome your comments and inquiries


Alan Russell

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