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#402974 - 05/30/15 10:42 AM Where the heck is Fran?
cgiles Offline
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I actually miss his old accordion-playing, Roland-loving butt. Hope he's not ill or anything. Donny?? I was up Philly way last week visiting an old friend who had had multiple strokes (he's recuperating nicely) and I wish I could have met up with Fran for a hot minute. We'd been promising to do that. Anybody know anything?


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#402977 - 05/30/15 11:31 AM Re: Where the heck is Fran? [Re: cgiles]
ianmcnll Offline
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Strange you mention Fran, Chas...I was wondering along the same lines.

I see he last logged in on 29/05/15 which was yesterday, so he's still around.

Perhaps it's due to things going a bit quiet with Roland arrangers, so there's not much to yak about?

I hope things are okay with him.

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#402981 - 05/30/15 12:15 PM Re: Where the heck is Fran? [Re: cgiles]
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Chas.......... Fran fell off the grid long ago for some unknown reason.
I couldn't tell you why as I don't know, either does Uncle Dave,...
I have tried to call, email, text, etc, but get no reply. I hope he's ok. If I hear anything I will report back.
Chas too bad you didn't message me you were in town we could have done lunch or coffee.....

carry on
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#402987 - 05/30/15 01:45 PM Re: Where the heck is Fran? [Re: cgiles]
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He just posted on Facebook.

#402997 - 05/30/15 10:01 PM Re: Where the heck is Fran? [Re: DonM]
tnicoson Offline

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His last login to this forum was at 12:39 PM TODAY !

So, it looks like he is still around, but is just being stealth about it. Hope he decides to come out of the shadows. As a G-1000 owner (still), I miss his G-70 discussions.


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