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#402692 - 05/23/15 10:31 AM Tyros4 StyleCreator Problems
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Hi everyone,

I'm a new Tyros user, just started to record my own tunes using Tyros4 and my main instrument nay (a MiddleEastern reed flute)..
Some of the pieces are in traditional Turkish Music rhythm structures.

Today I was discovering the re-styling features. Because i actually quite like the on-board styles' accompaniments; the way they are recorded, panned, edited etc.. i dont want to do it from scratch or from a Turkish Expansion Set Style, I just need slight changes in the original styles of Tyros. Like for example i'm recording a piece in 6/4 but it is not grouped in 3-3 way, the actual pattern is grouped 4-2 in my piece..

So i went to style creator, re-recorded the rhythm channel of the English Waltz Style which is really very good for my tune. But when it came to guitar channels in all A,B,C and D parts i really didnt want to re-record the whole thing, just wanted to do little changes by using the EDIT TAB on right end.

The problem is that it doesnt let me go to the EDIT TAB unless one channel (the desired one) is armed to record. And when i do arm the channel it says "You have to delete the data of the original style before recording. Delete? " .. This is the matter; i don't want to delete it because there are many nicely articulated notes in there, broken chords etc.. i wont be able to play it that way and if i did i wont be able the quantize because then the broken chords will become straigh. All i want to do is just change the location of some notes in the EDIT PANEL that's it..

And another frustrating thing is that when recording the rhythm channel, if i make a mistake in the second or third times (when adding more things), i have to re-record the whole thing again from the beginning. There is no UNDO that i could see, is there?

Does anyone know is there a way to edit a channel in the StyleCreator without re-recording the whole thing in Tyros4? If no; is it the same in Tyros5? Or is there a software for these things? And one last question: is there a way to be able to use the sustain pedal while recording a channel in the StyleCreator (for example piano chnl) ?

Thanks a lot for reading. Looking forward to see some replies..

#402697 - 05/23/15 11:42 AM Re: Tyros4 StyleCreator Problems [Re: trombonzen]
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Try asking this question on the forum at

There might be a 3rd-party software tool that makes it easier to do what you're asking about on a PC or MAC. Yamaha's styles have a wealth of parameters that allow you to control the behavior of the style. But the on-board tools and workflow are half-baked and not meant for serious editing IMO. No undo, can't easily make step edits on a real-time recording, etc. Korgs are a lot better in this regard.
My $.02,

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