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#38509 - 11/03/00 01:57 PM Event Montiors - What am I doing wrong
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Hi all.

A month ago, I picked up a pair of Event 20/20bas. When I got them home, I
loved the way they sounded. But soon, a problem developed. The speakers seemed
unable to handle the Electric piano's on my Triton, especially on the lower
range(all volume levels). There is a tearing, ripping sound when pressing
certain notes. The speakers weren't clipping, but there was a sound of a loose
screw and tearing noise when pressing these notes.

I took the speakers bac where I got them and had the pro audip guy check them
out. We tried them on another Triton with electric piano's and he agreed they
sounded awful.

So I returned them, and had a to special order a new pair from the factory.

Two weeks later, my new pair of Event 20/20 bas arrived. I took them home, and
turned them on. The left speaker green LED would not come on. The subwoofer
cone on the right speaker was not sealed all the way around, and a small ,
finger-nail sized piece of paper was stuck between the woofer cone and the
woofer where it should be sealed.

They still sounded fine to me.

I also noticed a humming noise coming from the tweeter and woofer if I put my
ear near the cone. Is this normal for a powered monitor? I tried this with the
Triton off and unplugged from the speakers, and they still did it. They also
made a popping noise 4 seconds after shutting them down.


Once again, something came up. That rattling, tearing noise on certain notes
of the Triton Electric pianos came up again. It is especially prominent when
playing a chord.
It's definately not something shaking or rattling on my desk. It's definately
the speaker.

I also noticed that things got pretty muddy when playing more than one key on
piano sounds and strings.

These problems are all at low to high volume levels, the entire range. Also the
speakers seem to clip fairly easily at around half volume.

Yet another thing:

I noticed a "smear" mark on one of the tweeters(it didnt look glossy like the
other one), and one of the woofers has a scuff mark.

I am playing these monitors by hooking them up directly with Triton.
I am using two short guitar center cables( their midrange cables).

What am I doing wrong?

This is driving me crazy. I thought when I shelled out 700 for new monitors
that they would be able to handle things like this.

Im tired of taking them back ect ect.

Is it the style of monitors, or am I doing something wrong here?

Thanks for any help, I really appreciate it.

#38510 - 11/10/00 01:10 AM Re: Event Montiors - What am I doing wrong
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Well, this is the first bad thing I have heard about those monitors.

I would not hook them directly up to the Triton though. You really should get a mixer and test them out like that.

But listen up. You go an pay $700.00 for monitors, they had better be in perfect shape when you get them home. None of this "piece of paper in the woofer" crap, and c'mon, Scuffmarks???

I would be just a tadd pissed off if that was me. You have a lot of tolerance. I applaude you!

I do not remember the model number, but Mackie has just released a new pair of powered monitors, and the bottom is so defined that you won't need a sub. See if anyone in your local shops knows what I'm yammering on about here, and go demo those puppies. Comparable to the event products for sure.

#38511 - 11/23/00 08:43 PM Re: Event Montiors - What am I doing wrong
MORPH! Offline

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That loose screw sound you hear matches the symptoms of a freyed coil. That's bad news if that's what it is.
Transient high votage surges,& high humidity levels.will frey a voice coil.

That popping you mentioned, if it is sourced from a characteristic of your system, keep it from reaching your speakers. Pops like that, especially of considerable power, really upps relative usage,most speakers go south much sooner.
Is that hummmmmm. is it ~60Hz? Probably.
Getting a hum from one channel would send my eyes to the connections. Were there other changes you may have made before you last shut down?
Presuming grounds are present and correct make sure static grounds' power cords polarity are correct. Grounds are easily missed. Check it twice.
Sometimes you have to trace those hums. (ballasts, flybacks(TV), electric motors in clocks ect...) That's no fun at all.
Agreed here on returning the whole thing right away for good.


I too, have had great difficulty with monitors, until I got some KRK monitors.
They're a good investment, worth every penny. I can't say either of those things about any other speaker.
I'm not much to commend gear, it looks dumb reading your words back a year later
'oh yeah man those close n play's are reelly happinin' (whatever itis)
With KRK it's different. That Co. and it's product, checks out. (not to be confused with KLH!) Huntington Beach, CA (now a sub. of Stanton Magnetics LLC Hollywood as of 8/00)

Hope you resolve your speaker problem. Upsetting I'm sure.

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#38512 - 11/29/00 08:34 PM Re: Event Montiors - What am I doing wrong
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Hi all! I figured out what the rattling was!

It was the PORT TUBE rattling about in the speakers on certain tones!

I would play that electric piano patch, and hear that ripping, rattling noise. For some reason I decided to stick my fingers in the port tube and press UP. pushing the tube up against the surface. And what happened? Rattle went away!

I called a Event rep and he told me it must be lack of glue! He said he would allow me to put more elmer's glue on the outside of the port tube without voiding my warranty.

At that point, I just decided to return them, seeing as how one was scuffed and there was paper stuck in the woofer cone.

So, I ORDERED another pair, giving Event one more chance. I got my pair the other day, and the first thing I heard was a massive rattle out of the right speaker! Do you believe that? I threw a fit man! And it wasn't even a rattle from the port tube, it was something new!

So I angrily unscrewed the main woofer and checked for loose wires. i put the LED wire out of the way , then pout it back together. The rattle was gone~!

So it just seems to me Event has some MAJOR quality control issues in factories that ASSEMBLE the monitors.

However, they sound absolutely incredible! I seriously can't beleive how good these montiors sound. So , I have decided to keep them. They are worth it to me. I like the bass response on the 8 inch woofer, plus I got a killer deal on them. Not to mention event has sent me a new woofer and two tweeters if any future problems arise. Thats pretty cool. They are a very nice sounding monitor. I can't say that enough.


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