Kurzweil is pleased to announce the KSP National Kickoff Tour. Kurzweil will be
bring the KSP8 and RSP8 remote controller to a number of different venues around
the country to fully demonstrate its capabilities, in both stereo and 5.1
surround sound environments. We will focus on a variety of applications
including, studio use, broadcasting, post production, and live sound. You will
have a chance to listen to this remarkable new effects processor in a quality
listening environment. Refreshments will be served.

Studio owners, recording and live sound engineers, broadcasters, sound editors,
and distributors are all invited to attend. YOU can get a chance to hear the
KSP8 in action.

KSP National Kickoff Tour Schedule:

October 31st
Chicago Recording Company, Chicago, IL.
Audio Logic, Seattle, WA
Sound Mirror, Boston, MA
Magic Audio, Atlanta, GA

November 2nd
Sound Kitchen, Nashville, TN
RAE Creative, Charlotte, NC
Magic Audio, Orlando, FL

November 6th
Dimension Audio, Los Angeles, CA
Sound Lab, Dallas TX
Hit Factory, New York, NY

November 17th SkyWalker Sound, San Francisco, CA

To attend, please RSVP at least one week prior to the event date, by sending
email to jeff_allen@y... or calling (253) 589-3200 x127. Please be sure
to leave your name address, phone, email, and the specific event you wish to
attend. The actual times of the demonstration, along with details of the
location will be sent back to you along with your confirmantion.

Take Care,

Take Care,