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#38110 - 03/16/00 08:51 AM Boss BR-8, any info??????
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I was to a Roland workshop last night and they demo'd the new Boss Br-8, 8 track digital recorder. The sound quality is amazing, the effects are great, and it seems really easy to use. The price is very cheap also, but that concerns me. Why is it so cheap? What is it missing from the others, like the VS840ex? I am in the market for an 8 track digital recorder, but I want to make the best choice. I am primarily a keyboard player and I sequence on a computer. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

#38111 - 03/25/00 05:55 AM Re: Boss BR-8, any info??????
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Hello, i 've listened to a br-8 the other day at a local shop. I am looking for an 8 track recorder as well. The sound quality isnt as good as the vs840ex (lower quality DAC's maybe?).

After thinking about it a lot i think there is nothing really good currently in the market. I 've also listened to the korg d16 which was supposed to be good but i dint liked the sound of it althought it is very tempting (built in microphone and drum machine, and it's not as noisy as the vs 840ex plus of course its a 16 track machine.

I would advise you (since you are already working with a computer) to go for a computer based solution. If you want cheap multitrack software try n-track if you want something more professional (at the other side of the spectrum really) try emagic's logic, if you like middle solutions (which by the way never work, but thats an other story) try cakewalk . As far as souncards go, it depends on budgetand what you want to achieve. If you are looking for 8 tracks simultaneous recording the cheapest solution is a sound card by GadgeLabs with external (8) analog inputs (24 bit DAC's).

If you still want a stand alone solution i suggest you wait 6-12 months. I guarantee you , anything currently in the market will be obsolete by that time.

Dont forget to check out the akai dsp12i and dsp16.

hope that helped

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#38112 - 03/25/00 07:38 AM Re: Boss BR-8, any info??????
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I just sold my VS880ex and bought the new rackmount version, VSR-880! Boy the extra bit resolution is great ! This is a 24 bit machine, and it is so quiet, even with an analog mixdown deck! I hear a noticable improvement over the older 880, and it's a little easier to use with the external mixer. Maybe one day a digital mixer will be important to me - right now it's just something else that's "Menu driven" that I'd have to learn. YUK! I'll stick with my Mackie mixer for the time being! Check it out - you'll love it!

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#38113 - 03/27/00 05:35 PM Re: Boss BR-8, any info??????
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I have looked at both the BR8 and the 840. IF you look hard enough, you can find a VS840 or an 840EX for $699.

I recently purchased a new (never opened) 840 and EX upgrade (sans 250 meg zip) for $300... So they are out there if you look hard enough.

I like the 840 much better than the BR8. There are a lot more effects. The BR8 offers only limited Chorus and Reverbs - when you take away the cosm amp simulators.

Just an opinion though...


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