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Hi Henny.

i have also had dealings with AJ and as you say his after sales
is second to none and I and many others enjoy dealing with someone who you know will get back to you and will put you right
we could do with his service in GB still you cant win them all.


Ron shelley

Hi Ron, thank you for your post. Please don't post in the FAQ thread, apart from providing useful technical info. I try my best to keep that thread purely for info only. Would you please ask Nigel to move that post of yours over here instead. Really, no insult meant at all my friend.

Yes, I found AJs service & backup 2nd to none. I feel like I'm in good hands with my Audya and has no horrific tales of being ignored by Ketron - tx to AJ! I would not hesitate for a moment in recommending him or his product to anyone.

I have also had extremely good support from ToneWheelDude before my Ajamsonic upgrade. These two gentleman are really delivering outstanding service to Ketron customers.

All the best my good friend,

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