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#372712 - 10/06/13 04:50 PM Re: Tyros 5-61 & 5-76 Registered in Canada [Re: abacus]
ianmcnll Offline
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This has become very interesting. I suspect it's a case of the cat being accidentally let out of the bag (due to Bill's sharp eyes)and an attempt to put it back in by deleting the information.

As the new CVP-609 has 256 note poly, it wouldn't be a big shock to see it on the Tyros5...and also a touch screen seems a giant possibility (also on CVP-609).

Time will tell...

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#372716 - 10/06/13 07:42 PM Re: Tyros 5-61 & 5-76 Registered in Canada [Re: Diki]
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Originally Posted By: Diki
The walls crumble...

Who was it said Yamaha would never make a 76 Tyros? LOL

Mind you with even a 61 T4 costing $5299, I shudder to think what they are going to ask for a 76 T5!

PA3X 76... about $3999
BK-9... about $2300
Audya 76... about $4700

T5 76 ....... Priceless wink

#372719 - 10/06/13 09:35 PM Re: Tyros 5-61 & 5-76 Registered in Canada [Re: Nigel]
musicforyourday Offline

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I agree Nigel I just hope it not. We still need to be able to buy it.
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#372720 - 10/06/13 11:56 PM Re: Tyros 5-61 & 5-76 Registered in Canada [Re: abacus]
shueymusic Offline

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There is a reason for the "high price" of the Tyros line.
1-The cost of everything has gone up...
Fuel, Cost of Materials, shipping costs, import costs, etc.
2-The MAP Policy (Minimum Advertised Price)
Clavinova Dealers pushed to have a higher margin on the Tyros
MAP price = $5299
Street price for a Tyros 4 = $3999 (Very close to Korg PA3X)

When the PA900 came out, Korg dropped the Retail and MAP price by a BIG chunk. Maybe Yamaha will take note to keep the price down or similar to current levels. At today's pricing, a Tyros 5-61 would MAP at $5499 and the Tyros 5-76 for $5999... even though the Street price would be in the $3999 to $4299 range. Sales can be a game at times. It's not about the music, it's about delivering a product to earn them money from a market they helped to create.

We'll see... only the future will tell.
"The Shueys"
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#372722 - 10/07/13 04:17 AM Re: Tyros 5-61 & 5-76 Registered in Canada [Re: abacus]
psr30000 Offline
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Goooood News!!! Very like the Audio function!

#372724 - 10/07/13 05:27 AM Re: Tyros 5-61 & 5-76 Registered in Canada [Re: abacus]
MacAllcock Offline
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I still don't see why Yamaha can't use the NP31 keybed with PSR7xx or better electronics to give those of us who haven't won the lottery a fighting change of affording the thing. I'd adore a Tyros but there's no way I can justify the expense for what these days is very part time weekend job.
John Allcock

#372901 - 10/12/13 09:34 AM Re: Tyros 5-61 & 5-76 Registered in Canada [Re: MacAllcock]
Bachus Offline
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So any word on when its going to be released, inside information tells me dutch dealers will get to see testa nd play the new beast at 20 th oktober..
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#372996 - 10/15/13 07:02 AM Re: Tyros 5-61 & 5-76 Registered in Canada [Re: Bachus]
jimlaing Offline

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Hmm, I thought it was in Spain and not until Oct 24th?

Also, I wonder how the word (reviews, commentary, photos?) will actually get out to us? Dealers in Spain posting to a Web site? Word-of-mouth from dealers in Spain? Or will Yamaha post all the "gory" details on their official Web site right on Oct 24th? The suspense is "killing" me! :-)

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#373000 - 10/15/13 07:51 AM Re: Tyros 5-61 & 5-76 Registered in Canada [Re: abacus]
mirza Offline
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The only thing about this news for me is that it's coming from Canada.When it comes to keyboards,we in Canada usually get it last.And that is with all keyboards,not just Yamaha.


#373147 - 10/18/13 09:10 AM Re: Tyros 5-61 & 5-76 Registered in Canada [Re: abacus]

Hello everyone, I'm a new member here. I'm from Germany, just bought the new Yamaha MoXF yesterday. The dealer invited me to join a presentation in December, in which the successor of the Tyros 4 will be presented! So this is another confirmation that it is definitely going to be released.

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