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#36804 - 10/11/10 09:51 PM Re: How to select the groove.
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Rusty 999

make sure you haven't got any other cables pugged in such as midi cables, and that you have selected usb midi as your option, once again a small detail missing I think from the manual, in regard to computer connection

#36805 - 10/11/10 10:29 PM Re: How to select the groove.
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use with good SHIELDING and not long cable

#36806 - 10/20/10 02:58 PM Re: How to select the groove.
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Thanks a million for the advice from everyone--I finally got the usb problem sorted.
However I still cannot figure this out: I have loaded some patterns from my older X1 top the hard drive of the new Audya 4 -same as 5 but no keys. Saved then into a new folder and all is ok. I then choose a pattern I like and save it as a registration and do all the changes with levels , instruments etc and Save
But the slider settings do not appear to save and when i go back to play it a while later the volume has jumped and its way too loud.
AJ told me that when saving [and using section1/2 window to access the options for saving] that i should make sure the Blue Dot is OFF and that when its ON it means I am IGNORING saving the settings of Sliders
But I have tried it both ways and still having the problem and i think it may be the MASTER SLIDER thats not saving -its beside bass , drums,chord. lower, etc in the mixer section. I'm baffled !!

#36807 - 10/20/10 04:56 PM Re: How to select the groove.
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i think, think, think
the slider settings cant be saved

they work like main volume slider,
if it's down, it's down

even if you change levels with sliders , lets say mid way and hit save,

then load new style change sliders, lets say all way up,

then load previous style, the levels will sound ALL WAY UP, because sliders are all way up,

so saving of slider position is ignored.

right AJ?

it would seem to me, that we should be able to choose whether to save or not save slider positions... to have it both ways

and when saving slider positions we would have to pass the "saved" position" for it latch or change.

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