ok i have 2 e-60's but i just couldn't resist buying a slightly used JunoStage on ebay for $700. Diki was right, i would miss essential arranger features, like
auto bass (i never use more than bass/drums), variations and fills, endings.
but i'm not sorry i tried it, it's so advantageous in weight (21 lbs v. 28.5) and
sleekness, and professional appearance, keybed, and many better sounds. also
arpeggiator which i wanted to experience, found it was fun to goof around with at home, but not what i'd ever use in public. so i'm dumping it...

a friend is about to buy it for $650, and just spotted an EXR7s on CraigsList for $650 in mint condition. What can anyone offer who can compare with the E60, (all i know is the exr7s is 2 lbs lighter and to me looks nicer than the E60)
can anyone tell me how these 2 units compare? thanks, and pls email me reply.
i used to automatically get all replies by email but last post i didn't.
Miami Mo