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#358149 - 01/07/13 02:42 PM Henni...
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In your spare time (ha-ha) maybe someday you would consider putting a section in Tips & Tricks showing a little about"tweeking" styles in Style View.

#358161 - 01/07/13 08:11 PM Re: Henni... [Re: gruhs]
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Originally Posted By: Ketron_AJ
...The Arps and Licks are to be used in the styles only. With the AJAMSONIC package, the Arps can also be played as lead voices as is the case with regular workstation synths!

When you select a style that you like and want to make modifications to it by adding these, simply press STYLE VIEW which will display the style's components (Drums, Bass, Chords ... etc).

* Press F4 (Chord 4) quickly twice to toggle between the Midi chord part programmed within the style and the ARP&Lick table provided by Ketron which can be inserted in this style to replace the Midi part.

* Play the style and use the Data wheel to now go through the various ARP&Licks currently available.

* When satisfied with a selection, repeat for all the other ARRANGER PARTS (A-D), then press SAVE and save your new style (it will be saved under the same group - but in the USER STYLE folder, so when next you want to play this modified FACTORY style (or any style you load into the machine), press the USER STYLE button first! This preserves the FACTORY styles.

This and a lot more is clearly illustrated in our 3+Hrs DVD tutorial manual so you can see and hear how it's done and the effects it has on your over-all sound/music!

This (STYLE MODELLING) can also be applied to :-

* DRUMS (F1) - Midi, Factory AUDIO or USER AUDIO Drums
* GROOVE (F2) - Midi Drum Kits, GROOVES or Percussion
* BASS (F3) - BASS BANK or style's MIDI Bass
* Chord 1 (F6) - PIANO BANK or style's MIDI part
* Chord 2 (F7) - GUITAR BANK 1 or style's MIDI part
* Chord 3 (F8) - GUITAR BANK 2 or style's MIDI part
* Chord 4 (F9) - ARPS & LICKS BANK or style's MIDI part
* Chord 5 (F10) - LIVE Guitar or style's MIDI part

Hope this helps...

Hi my friend,

It's really THAT simple. Just double click the part. When you click once, you can change the midi voice selection. When you double click, it opens up an audio library. Another double click takes you back to the midi part. Next, use your data wheel to scroll through what's available & select something to your liking. When you're done, either save as a new style or as a new registration - the results are the same!

Note that on some parts (i.e. grooves), when you double click a second time, you get even more audio selections.

Only on the audio drums you cannot scroll through the selections whilst listening. Here you have to select, press play, then press stop, select the next drums, press play, press stop & so on. For all the rest, even grooves, you can scroll whilst listening. With the AJAMSONIC upgrade, this causes no hick-ups whatsoever.

Every time you play with the above, it will become easier until you can do it on the fly without even concentrating.

Keep well my friend,

Make sure you'll fly forever!

#358221 - 01/08/13 09:41 AM Re: Henni... [Re: Henni]
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thanks Henni


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