Dear all!
I have a Triton LE which I have bought recently (2nd hand). I want to buy a good damper pedal which is half damper supported and good built quality.
Yes, I have read about Korg ds-1h and I am sure it will fullfill my needs. But in my local store, that particular pedal is not available. They are suggesting me to buy Roland Dp10.
This time, I need to remember that, they are the store persons and they will always recommend me what they have available in their store. So, I think, I will get some expert's answers to wipe out my confusion. I never look much at the brand (though, Roland is also a good brand like korg), when I buy a product, if the quality is good.
Now, Please suggest me what should I do.
ps. I need the half damper action and I am using Korg Triton LE.
Many many thanks in advance!