Don and Larry,
Thanks for the nice words regarding my impromptu playing. smile

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BTW...How's the "Hot" iPad3 ?

Hi Larry,
I'm actually not experiencing any heat problem at all with my unit and I use it all day long. dance2
The only heat I notice is how quickly iPads are flying off Apple's shelves: 3 million sold in 3 days. woot
I'm really enjoying the 4X improved HD screen resolution, new voice dictation feature, and much better than my home DSL, 4G lte mobille broadband speed.
We've got terrific Verizon 4G lte coverage throughout the SF Bay Area (AT&T 4G lte coverage here on the other hand is still pretty spotty).
On my Verizon 4G lte iPad I'm getting around 18 - 25 megabits per second download speeds,
so I'm a happy synthzone hi speed internet connected camper everywhere I travel now. cool