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#340772 - 02/24/12 05:02 PM Re: Any thoughts about Roland? [Re: Fran Carango]
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Originally Posted By: Fran Carango
Here is a view from a former Roland dealer.. smile

When I first opened a MI store in the early 80's, I contacted and was contacted by virtually every rep in the area..

I was fortunate to be exclusive area dealers for many product lines...I was 25 miles outside of Philly and really didn't have to compete with the great Mom and Pop stores like Cintioli..In fact I had great re-pore with Cintioli, and his support for lines I did not carry...

Getting back to Roland...Roland reps were very cool guys and loyal to you as one of their dealers...I supported the whole line, including effects, keyboards, midi guitars, amps etc..

The choices of what I wanted to carry ..were my own (although I did carry all the models)...

Yamaha played games..they set ridiculous high volume orders , according to their specifications...stuff you could not give away.. grin

Korg had a limited range of gear, and was not worth stocking a lot..

Ensonigue was popular in our area (especially Mirage)...but only a couple models..

Siel , was our surprise line...for the price the stuff sold... shocked

Casio was the local attraction line for parents buying kids keyboards..

The cheap Yamaha keyboards did not sell well..the Casio out did them back then.. wink

Now the facts not guessing as the previous posters opinions.. smile

If you are a straight shooter as in honest, the Roland reps will have your back and support you...They went out of their way to make sure I got the deals as the large chain stores did...When there were special buys, they cost averaged my stock , so I would not lose on inventory..
I was giving a welcome in Namm, Dealers were all treated with respect...

I was given a protected dealership in my area, some of the other dealers tried to back door Roland products...but Roland put a stop to it immediately... clap

Roland sponsored clinics/shows for my store, including artist participation.... clap

My Roland experience lasted for almost 20 years...

The Roland line is the largest across the board product line, and all top shelf products...You will not go wrong with a Roland fact if you pass on the chance to become a Roland will be a BIG loss for you...

As always , the key to success is your relation ship with your reps and customers...

Well said Fran Roland product line is very popular WORLDWIDE that most people don't realize...
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#340935 - 02/26/12 06:18 PM Re: Any thoughts about Roland? [Re: frankieve]
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Thanks guys, I agree, on the limited gotta buy lines, but it is such a deep company, that i can cover everything.

I usually develop a very good relationship with my reps, I think its the old school Italian friendship that develops.

Thanks again, I will bring Roland in and hopefully they will fill their holes and some of their lackluster models

#340937 - 02/26/12 07:40 PM Re: Any thoughts about Roland? [Re: frankieve]
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Hi Frank, Congrats on the new line!

Will you carry the V Accordions?? I know that to some on this forum, Roland Accordions are an insignificant part of Roland's business. I beleive that not to be the case; Excluvise maybe, but not insignificant. However, there does seem to be a lot of competition for that product in your region.

Just curious.

Thanks for being there,
Don P
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#340938 - 02/26/12 08:02 PM Re: Any thoughts about Roland? [Re: frankieve]
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Yes- IMHO they have to get their software bugs under control. It's like with every arranger they bring out the development starts over. Critical features are dropped, or there are unintended interactions ("bugs.") The world is still waiting for an update on the BK-7M to "fix" the piano-style chord recognition they broke with the last update.

Also: On-board style creation was added to the GW-8 and Prelude version 2. However I tested it on both and it was very buggy. What happened to the nice "alteration mode" parameter that was introduced on the E-series and G-70 version 3? For that matter, what happened to Mark and Jump on the BK-7M??

While it's true that Yamaha rarely bring out anything really new, it's that reuse of their software that allows a highly refined and bug-free product introduction that reduces frustration and conveys an image of quality.

I'm not a Roland hater. I have an E50 and I'm very happy with it. Didn't like the Prelude or the GW-8. Based on others' experience, I don't believe I would be happy with the BK-7M until they bring out v2 with some of the bugs fixed.

Going forward, unless Roland improves their software quality control, don't believe I would buy another with "version 1" software. That's the message I think you should pass on to your sales rep. -Ted

#340941 - 02/26/12 08:21 PM Re: Any thoughts about Roland? [Re: frankieve]
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Originally Posted By: frankieve
Roland is coming down next week to talk about us becoming a dealer

Hi Frank,
Are you interested in becoming a dealer for the complete Roland line of musical imstruments and accesories, or only their arranger related stuff?
Either way, this is terrific news, as by becoming a Roland music dealer, you'll then achieve the music dealer honor of offering us your customers,
all major arranger keyboard brands. rocker

Scott smile

#340997 - 02/27/12 03:48 PM Re: Any thoughts about Roland? [Re: Scottyee]
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Hey Frank

I've always been interested in the Roland SA300 amp and the newer SA1000 but no--one anywhere has one I can see. Ask the reps whats up with that. They put out and interesting product and you can never find it. Too much $$$ to buy it blind .

Good luck I love Roland products even if they are overpriced

Bill in NJ
Bill in SC --- Roland BK9 (2) Roland PK5 Pedals, Roland FP90, Crate XP800 PA, JBL Eon Ones (2) , EV mics, Apple iPad (2) Behringer DJ mixer

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