Originally posted by miden:
As I said in an earlier post James, I do think Domenico should have it listed under, "Install Instructions" or similar.

I ONLY fluked reading it myself, because I noticed a post in another thread on teh GA forum, a brief one line in amongst the reply from Domenico.

Had I NOT seen that, I would have been in exactly the same boat as you James

But so far so good with the OS, and I also agree with your comments to Tony...

This is a great system now, and he really has NOTHING to be concerned about.

I think he jumps to conclusions a bit, and is a bit hasty, vis-a-vis his comment about a lack of response earlier in this thread.

Once he accepts help is never more than about 5-6 hours away (and MOST of the time within minutes) I think he will settle down


mmmh....ok James you sound convincing too, maybe more realistic. I'll keep it in mind. I hope this really is a very stable system....time is of the essence